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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2015 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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executive order at west bay filipino a nonprofit youth and families we serve filipinos and their families and in our agency we serve the agencies mission it is that sign that hung a long time on the facade of a building on stockton said no filipinos loud it sign no longer xitsz but today it feels like it does in this proposed budget that sits aside only a certain amount of money that makes us filipinos feel that sign is still up so commissioners please join me and let's take down the sign that
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says no filipinos by putting in the budget for filipino language that accurately reflect the no idea of our community our community, of course just desire as the others we're overall 5 percent of the student population we need the see population to be taught like we need at least two full-time employees to accurately represent us $30,000 won't help us so thank you, commissioners for considering a correction what we feel is incorrect we do feel you want to do something about this. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> our next speaker is going to speak if tagalog i'm going to have to translate it's a short one. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so let me provide a
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translation on the gentleman's on behalf of didn't go school board commissioners the robert the father of a child that goes to betsey carmichael he's a if that and proud of it and he makes sure that his child knows that he's proud of it how is he going to explain to his child others ethnics itself like the chinese and the green communities are getting money from the school district to teach their language and promote their cultural but for us filipinos a very small portion is presented so he feels he has great trust in the school board you'll not set aside the contribution of filipinos in san francisco and he asks to please
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loot more dollars to allow the continuation of teaching of tagalog to his child in our schools thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioner president murase superintendent and commissioners my name is neil goss man i was a product of the 70 san francisco unified school district it's been over 40 years since law versus nickels i don't think this district has gotten it right yet we're talking about 40 years where filipinos the beginning of the filipino betsey carmichael education center has tried to teach the bilingual programs we've lacked the services and tools and the resources to really fully teach the program
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the way it should be i'll give you an example i commend you for adding this round the budget that we're seeing lecture it wasn't there but when we look at the christine wong she spoke but with the law versus nickels one point we're talking about a world language where children are taught a foreign language english language learners at betsy from k through 5 and k through 8 english language learns kids that speak the first language and english as something they're trying to understand so let's try to get it right let's see how we can make that change to have a bio literacy so open the program and number 2 i really think there's
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a problem with the bbc how they category our kids they get turned away because it is already full and we find out they're not those are things we finally think you could get it right it's a matter of what's there lastly i want to say please move to make it a full-time equivalent in the budget as a 5 percent of student population. >> thank you>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi, i'm a filipino teacher at the school for 22 years i'm taking off any beef hat perhaps i'm taking off any teacher hat i'm in support of
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filipino it's linguistic and i'm optimistic by the way, we meet in the school and always talking about the 21st century learn and want the students to know they can be self-directed and multiple lingual and technology save i didn't it is exciting with the next 25 years we can do that and happy with the other schools this time it is the multi lingual funding with the million dollars we calculated $13,000 and had less than one percent of the budget so we want to correct that because we want a k through 12 it is not only betsey carmichael but we have 2 thousand 9 hundred kids and
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filipino is the third language after english and spanish in the state of california so very exciting those money nor the next 25 years let's have some of that thank you. >> good evening commissioner president murase and commissioners superintendent carranza. >> my name is catherine cuisine the member of the japantown and rosa parks school i'm here to thank you inclusion of world languages is important and especially the world languages that tend to be smaller programs or not immersion we have specialized needs that need to be addressed i think all the speakers from betsey carmichael illustrate that so much all of us can sympathy emphasize with one anothers programs to fund the programs and give the best
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quality education to our students having taken the first step of inclusion we look forward to working with the district to assure there's future funding for world languages and programs that need it and workout plans that role assure that equality and the important educational missions be served thank you. >> good evening. i'm jessica joseph a parent of a kindergartener. >> i don't have a speaking. >> oh, you need it, it's right here where you are oh hi and i didn't put my name on it. >> ms. joseph we have a board policy you're not permitted to speak is this our first board meeting. >> this is my second i have a speaking with my name on it.
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>> so the rule it has to be simpleminded before t your name is called i'm permit this one time. >> thank you but good evening thanks for everyone for coming out i'm a parent of a kindergartener and a preschoolers at betsey carmichael elementary school and i'm here to urge funding for the program so my daughters have the opportunity to be a part of filipino cultural and my intent to have them pickup on the tagalog language everyone that i know speaks tagalog speaks more than english that's spanish and some format or form of mandarin a good governor terry mcauliffe gateway for learning about other cultures not only tagalog but other spanish as well as japanese or mandarin asking for
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equal opportunity to try to make the funding a little bit more equal between the programs i really appreciate the $13,000 that i found out about asking for more okay. and thank you for your time and i appreciate our kindness. >> thank you very much let's see before we move on to questions or comments from colleagues, i will i'm going to turn it over to the superintendent to call on staff for further e bargs. >> i'd like to ask mr. young lee to set the context before we dive into the conversation, please. >> thank you, very much superintendent i'll do that make a couple of brief comments about the frame and the context and then ask mr. flemming to go to the detailed information as
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commissioner vice president haney said and his remarks summarizing the whole meeting last tuesday for folks that weren't there it was an extensive and substantive discussion and what we as staff have been doing since last tuesday breakdown into a few activities to try to synthesize all the feedback that the board gave collectively as well as the comments that the public speakers made that evening and try to make the modifications between the first reading and second reading of the version that you have before you tonight and we i guess i'll character it we took our best effort to reach as many of the comments and the perspectives shared last week as we could with a limited amount of funding
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so it was impossible to create a spending plan that addressed fossil fuel addressed all the comments but we give it our best effort we got good news from the controller's office that was quite late friday afternoon the estimator the appropriation from the city and county of san francisco general fund was a bit higher they gave us an official update in the last reading version we were able in the midst of our efforts to wreckage with the comments that everybody gave that was quieted helpful so some of the combarnlts to the line items were made possible because of i'm sorry the controllers budget estimate we also tried to respond to as
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many of the questions that came up requests for follow-up and background information you asked as a group you asked many questions and ms. fleming coordinated the efforts for colleagues to get responses for that information and hopefully was helpful as well or will be helpful in our view the revised spending plan on a process note as discussed last it's there was we know that some of the commissioners comments were along the lines of do i have to approve that spending plan at this point is there an options to take action given the extensive nature of the feedback questions just to report out on that we researched that language of the charter and we k34u7bd 55 e-mail to the commissioners we feel comfortable about a couple
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of things one a spending plan has to be submitted by april 1st from the district to the mayor and board of supervisors the language of the city charter is pretty clear open that, however, it doesn't specific it has to be approved by the board of education for precludes the possibility that the spending plan could be amended later and in the past there have been a few occasions too the board has amended a spending plan that was originally submitted to the city by february 1st, i wanted to say that option does exist in our reading of the language of the charter would weave can you think is make our best effort to address the feedback such a possible that which is provided and we hope that will you'll find that attempt helpful and
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done in good faith and we intend that to be something that you can consider acting on if you see fit and if so we'll summit it under the superintendent signature on behalf of board there will still be an opportunity to amend this but the question whether this april 1st version will and the board action behind it are not if you choose not to do that we'll submitted it under the superintendent on behalf of make a note that the board of education will consider and do you want a spending plan later on we wanted to think of both possibility and ms. flemming is prepared to go we know you haven't had a lot of time to go
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through the work frankly we had it compressed but we think that is worthwhile if you're going to consider to go through some of the changes in some detail and that ms. fleming and others are presented to p do that not necessary. >> thank you. superintendent deputy although, i want to review the material to make sure we're on the sampling so to speak to we're looking at version number two, that was spent earlier with a couple of small corrections per the e-mail two packet for our review one the actual proposal for your consideration this evening which excludes a narrative and spreadsheet and the second packet which i'll be speaking to and reviewing totally tonight is
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the supporting material there are copies for the members of the public and the proposed spend plan is online on the peace website the easier way to do a search for peace cac and you'll find it by navigating to the page know that if you're on a computer commissioners i can navigate through the consonants through the table contents and the first part is the budget overview which shows the change from first reading to second reading so what we have a a column that is in blue is represents the amounts we've presented and the next column the second reading proposal the next column shows the change
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since the first reading and i'll go over those in more detail after this page and included in the page a response to a request to have more information about the fund that have set aside for being able outcomes as you recall we're setting aside $2.08 million to cover the increases due to bargaining outcomes for this year and next year in an effort to show you more information we have estimated per line items how much that will cost just a note own that that this is a little bit difficult to estimate at this time because as well as salaries and benefits we need to consider the extended hours and over time categories that have for staff if you look at the summary of changes from first reading and after that we have a number of
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pages that represent the responses to your questions from the committee as a whole meeting last week and after that a similar document we've presented for first reading and the committee as a whole which is the summary of third increases and changes from 2015-2016 and we've revised this for second reading by adding what is new and highlighting it in yellow so that will help guide you to see the actual changes between last week and this week i'm going to walk through a little bit briefly on the content so the deputy superintendent lee we received an estimated increase on friday of $840,000 that enables us to budget in response to the feedback from
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commissioners and in addition to that we also have made other changes to the third budget i'll note as we move long just for those listening the total budget proposed is 59.0 one million dollars and take a pause to thank the voters of san francisco this money is critical for all the students every single students benefits and generally is more than 10 if i'm going to guess but we have 17 programs that serve virtually all the students of district so for the slam portion of peace we have arts and music we have an increase of 4. hundred and $20,000 and that funding has been allocated to support the teachers and set aside money for
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efforts around looking at a subsequential arts master program and the arts curriculum so we heard feedback about all those areas last week and just to note that we allocated the road for supports one hundred percent to pe to provide more funding for pe traverses that is as you can see on page 3. >> moving to the third we have an increase for starting practices for $800.57 support the suspension program that is successful this year and also to support the hiring of a 1.0 fte coach support school sites in adding the behavorial needs of students we have a $535,000 increase stem in 3 areas one for
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3 ftes to reduce the class size for math middle school classes and the idea with a lower class size the teacher what work to delineate the instruction for all levels of learners including the higher level of learners and two components of funding personalized middle schools those are programs where the schools use funds to personalize activities as an enrichment or after-school program as coding or robotics or biotechnology experience and 21 34i8dz that includes those receive a stereotyped to trailer their program to the students population we have the multi lingual of $210,000 from the
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speakers and with those fund we're death the fund for the strengthening of the pathway for language for japan's and korean and looking at developing the elementary school world language program and christine wong is here tonight to answer questions regarding that budget if you have any this evening and in response to february we've heard at the committee as a whole we've separated the programs separately from the a there g support program we've done it this to maintain the focus on the core program and note that all recording of data and tracking for that will occur separately from a through g and in addition to the increases we took this opportunity to reline
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some of the funding nonsense to february from commissioners and the peaking peace to try to bring in some services that align more with the spirit and intent of peace to that he said we have we're not going to continue funding for custodial support they'll receive is funding from another sources those programs are not cut their funding has been shifted so i want folks to know that and also we've made a commitment to look at reducing the reserve fund and ramp over the next 3 to 5 years we're hoping we can look at the reserve fund more in terms of reducing that and using that money elsewhere with activities that have been identified to align with the intent we've
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reduced that by 2 hundred and 45 hundreds dollars for this proposal and we reduced the bargaining outline by $2,000.89 to provide to help budget those other line items so the estimate for the bargaining outcomes for what we need more next year for the third is $1.4 million and we are holding the balance and reserve for 2016-2017 the balance will be $451,000 also the last activity we undertook in response to february is we realigned besides not funding those two programs we've realigned and brought them into peace we feel made better alignment and shifted other
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funding for two programs we've brought in student support professionals 6.5 ftes in the amount of $678,000 and we've shifted funded for translation and interpretation for 1.6 translator and $47,000 in translation services from the general fund that's a total of $202 so that's the summary of changes at a higher level and i do want to point out that the spreadsheet at the end of this packet i neglected to do that provided a number of pieces of information that are useful this bucket spreadsheet has the final budget for this year, the first reading budget the second reading increase the total promoted ♪
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restriction with some detailed notes open what is funded and more explanation of some of the costs with that i'll end the summary the second revision and i'm going to turn it over to over to you for questions or comments >> thank you very much ms. fleming and first of all, i want to thank the staff that put in a lot of a lot of time to respond to questions guidance i want to seek from my colleagues is they are presented to vote finally on the proposal tonight or whether they prefer to have a different opportunity to discuss the details of this proposal commissioner norton. >> so to answer the question i was going to make other comments to answer our first question i
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think we propose not to vote i want to commend the staff really for some incredible work that you did over the last week in addressing all the questions or comments i'm sure we have our things we want to quickly with but feedback the with work that went into adding all the comments is pretty amazing so i want to thank you. i know it was probably a really long week. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> great, thank you so i actually, i want to thank the staff i know you guys were violating writing all our comments combining our two pages and your 20 pages of questions i have concerned though that i don't know if they can necessarily get answered and if they can't i won't vote i'm not
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comfortable on areas specifically i'll put this out there so see whether or not those are things to be addressed whether or not i'll be able to vote on this tonight i have concerns around the multi lingual pathways and the dollar amounts we've allocated for particular programs and i guess my biggest concern is around is not knowing exactly what our strategy is for growing programs be stabilizing program, aligning programs $13,000 for the tagalog program is nothing i'd like to have time to understand our plan for